The Story of An Outkast | The Trapkast

The Story of An Outkast

Episode 4 | May 28, 2019 | 01:07:41


On this episode, The Trapkasters talk about the group that changed everything for Atlanta. The group that told everyone that the south had something to say. Outkast!!!! We go into the history of Outkast and their impact on Hip-Hop culture. We talk about the Dungeon Family and Organized Noize, and how they all helped to shape a sound. This is some real ATL Hip-Hop ish that you don’t want to miss.



  • Play one of the artists' music. (will be only used for podcast audio version). Keep the energy high to keep users engaged because this is where they may drop off.
  • Introduce the topic.
  • Introduce the crew. (Ferg, KD, and G)

What are Stripper Rappers AKA STRAP?

  • Talk about how the term came about (see links below).
  • How did some of the female MCs respond? (show tweets, etc)
  • Should it be a subgenre of Hip-Hop?
  • Is it offensive to the female rappers in the game?
  • What’s a better name for these types of female rappers?

Who are the Strippers Rappers?

  • Who are the current STRAP rappers? Chinese Kitty, Mulatto, Cardi B, Meg Thee Stallion...
  • Do we think Nicki is a Stripper Rapper?
  • Has this “genre” always been here? Are female artists like Lil Kim, Trina, Foxy Brown stripper rappers?
  • Is Trina the Godmother of Stripper Rap?

Who is your favorite Stripper Rapper?

  • Everyone says who their favorite stripper rapper is and why.