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Talk + that + shit.

Trappin is a lifestyle not just
a genre of music.

Three of the many kings of Trap in the ATL. T.I., Future and 2Chainz, would tell you, you can trap anything. Cars, clothes, knowledge, cakes, or drugs. That's why Trap is more about the content than the sound, it's deeper than a bass or snare.

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Stripper Rappers

A few months ago Jermaine Dupri said that the new female rappers today are only rapping about stripping. He coined them "Stripper Rappers" or STRAP rappers. And Cardi B had something to say about that on Instagram. Female rappers like Kash Doll, Lizzo, Rapsody, Tierra Whack, Tink and Dreez have their own style, so is it fair to put them in this box? Watch to hear what the Trapkasters thought.

We're Brothers

In this throwback episode the Trapkasters get in their freestyle bag. We talk about whatever. We talking about Ferg's new losing weight movement. We once again talk about how Atlanta sports suck. We get into the Amber Guyger case, and talk about what it's like to be black in America. And is Trump really any worst for black people than Nixon, or Reagan, or Bill Clinton?

Power - Ghost is dead?

The Trapkasters talked about Power and what everything means. Is Ghost dead? If so who killed this fool? Ramona, Tommy, Tasha, Tariq, Saxe, Pax, Dre, Tate, The Ghost of Kanan (LOL) or did Ghost stage it himself.

Freestyle - Tupac and Madonna Breakup

On this episode, The Trapkasters talk about Ferg Movin Weight. Ferg is getting off his fat a$$ and losing weight. Snow goes to Denver to get that conscious weed. They talk about Tupac's breakup letter to Madonna. Snowfall is BACK! They talk about Stripper Rapping, and they talk about the ASAP Rocky arrest. This episode is fiyah!!!

Cancel Kanye?

The Trapkasters recorded this episode not long after Kanye West did his interview with David Letterman on Netflix. Before recordering they watch the interview and then got right to the sh*ts. They talked about the "old Kanye" and his music, they talked about how they feel about his music now, and then they talked about him and Trump, and that movement. This is a good one. And of course the Kardashian's came up. Check it out.

Ladies Night

On this episode, The Trapkasters gives the ladies their shine. We talk about some the great women and hip-hop, then and now. From Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Lauren Hill, Missy Elliott, Rapsody, Left Eye and many more. You don't want to miss this joint. Ladies Night!!!!!

Da Baby's

On this episode ya’ll, The Trapkasters talk about the Da Baby's. All Da Baby's! Yeah we meant to mis-spell it, trolls for life LOL. We talk about how Da Baby and Lil Baby are changing the game. We dive into the greatness of Weezy F. Baby aka Lil Wayne. We question the actions of Baby as the CEO of Cash Money. And we didn’t forget the OG Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and his baby making music. We also come to the conclusion that Bhad Bhabie has some bangers. We didn’t forget our Hip-Hop OG’s like Baby D, and Big Baby Jesus aka Ol Dirty Bastard. WU-TANG! And at the end we even get into a little movie talk with joints like Baby Boy and BayBay's kids. This is really a great episode ya’ll. Check it out.

Back in the Day

On this episode, The Trapkasters go back in the day. They compare HipHop lifestyle from then and now. They go in on cartoons like Thundercats, The Simpsons, and shows on Adult Swim. They talk about how movies are different back in the day, and why shows like Martin, The Wire, Sopranos, and Family Matters were great. Once again they get in their weed bag with resident expert Snow. LOL. The Trapkasters also dive into the music then and now, and how have the greats like Jay-Z, Nas, T.I., Outkast, 2Chainz, Gucci, T.I. , and Future, aged in the game, and how will the newer artist like Migos, Lil Baby, Lil Baby, Lil Yachty, 6lack, J.I.D., and Da Baby fair as time goes on. Who remembers the Rodney King beating? Yeah they talk about that too. Bad cops!!! You don’t wanna miss this one! Ferg and Snow get into a heated debate about R&B from the 80s and 90s till now.

Freestyle - cbd

This is the first Freestyle episode., and the Trapkasters talk about everything!!! They get into their "Conscious Weed" bag with the new Ben & Jerry's CBD ice cream. They talk about Tyler the Creator’s album IGOR. The Trapkasters also ask themselves is T.I.’s son Domani Harris the real deal. They even ask themselves what the f**k happened to Anthony Joshua in that fight. The mood goes into a different direction when they talk about the The Central Park 5, but they end everything off the right way with trolls vs rappers and that ratchet sh*t talk.

The Story of An Outkast

On this episode, The Trapkasters talk about the group that changed everything for Atlanta. The group that told everyone that the south had something to say. Outkast!!!! We go into the history of Outkast and their impact on Hip-Hop culture. We talk about the Dungeon Family and Organized Noize, and how they all helped to shape a sound. This is some real ATL Hip-Hop ish that you don’t want to miss.

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